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why isn't anyone ever whelmed?

consider me whelmed.

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Name:hush, just stop
Website:my main tumblr
You're so beautiful
We are angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another

so hold me close, and let's fly away

Hello! I'm Chanel, and I like to fandom hop. I want to become more active in fandom, so I'm fixing up my journal to be more presentable. I enjoy writing fanfiction, even though I have issues updating things. I'm a college student, striving to be a midwife.

I'm a virgo who like creating outfits on polyvore, day dreaming about being a writer, and bumming around on tumblr.

I'm pretty easy to get along with, and I'm a good listener. My journal is friends only, but my fanfiction is unlocked. Enjoy! :)

Popslash (includes nsync, backstreet boys and various kpop groups.)
X-Men (movie and comic verse)
Kingdom Hearts
Dragon Ball Z/GT
Marvel (Movieverse, 616 and Ultimates)
Linkin Park
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

And let it be known, that if you're reading my fanfiction...

It is 100% fiction. It's not true, especially in the case of my Real Person Slash Fiction. That is in no way shape or form true, nor do I claim it to be.

My other fiction, stemming from Anime, Manga, Comics, Video Games or Television are also fiction, and all copyrights belong to their holders. I do not make any money off the writing of these works, and I do not claim them to be true.

Basically, it's not true, it's there for the enjoyment of others, and myself.
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